March 19, 2015


A shameful attempt was made by NewsOne to take the obnoxious and idiotic statements by members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Oklahoma and attach it to “infamous” SAE members who all happen to be Republicans.

If NewsOne had made any effort, they could have found Sigma Alpha Epsilon calls several of its famous alums as members of the Democrat party. Some of these Democrats actively stood in the way of Civil Rights legislation.

Following are just a few Democrats who Sigma Alpha Epsilon claim as members.

Mark Pryor, United States Senator, Arkansas

David Pryor, Former United States Senator and Governor, Arkansas

Max Baucus, Former United States Senator and Current Ambassador to China, Appointed by President Obama

David Bonior, Former United States Senator

Two distinguish themselves as actively fighting Civil Rights legislation during the 1960s. George Smathers, Former United States Senator from Florida and Paul Johnson, Former Governor of Mississippi. Johnson was really special as he played a significant role in preventing James Meredith from enrolling at Mississippi in 1962. If you wish to read NewsOne’s poorly written piece, go here

Also, to offer some balance for SAE, they also claim credit to Former United States Senator Dennis Chavez, the first elected Hispanic member of the Senate from New Mexico.

SafeFrat has no love for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. However, it is not fair to attempt to associate other members with the stupid actions of current college students at Oklahoma. It is particularly repulsive to selectively pick Republican members of SAE when history shows that Democrats have had a proportionate share of any bigotry or racism in the history of the United States.