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Of all the groups out there providing resources and education regarding hazing, the LoveLikeAdam Foundation is doing the best by providing excellent education to high school students and their parents. Led by Courtney White, Ed.D, they have developed an outstanding program focused on the group most at risk, high school students, and assisting in their transition to the college and university setting. also provides traing to coaches, teachers, counselors so these folks know what to look for in students who may be in a bad situation and do not know how to get out of it.

They do large group presenations, too, for college and high school audiences.

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Sexual Assault Trial Set for Fijis at Iowa


The Rams Get It Right For Hazing Prevention Week

Colorado State gets high marks for its efforts in making their greek system safer. They take a multi-faceted approach encouraging early reporting of hazing, creation of an end hazing workgroup and offering excellent online information on fraternities' performance. 

There is one element missing. The Rams would get a perfect score if they were doing more in the training and accountabiltiy of alumni volunteers. National fraternities know that in those chapters where they have a competent and well trained adviser, they have few if any behavior problems. Incorporating this would get them an A+ rating rather than the current A-. 

Not Our Brothers' Keeper

Oops. Guess This Wasn't Very Important After All.


I guess they will get to it after summer recess.

The Eggheads Get it Wrong Again on Hazing. This Approach Has Been Proven Not to Work in the NEWS

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